About Saberr

Saberr creates powerful, practical technology that helps teams thrive. We believe that great teams can achieve far more than we're capable of individually, and that it’s teams that will bring about humankind’s greatest leaps. They also make for better businesses, healthier margins, greater progress, and happier individuals – so we make products that take the guesswork out of building and developing them.

Founded in 2013, we were driven by a deep curiosity about how people interact. We realised that the right algorithm could help predict how compatible teams of people would be, based on their shared characteristics and values. From this, we created our first product, Base, lending scientific support to the process of interviewing and hiring

What began with meticulous data analysis quickly evolved into a deeper appreciation of the subtleties of optimal teamwork. Diverse personalities in a team are good – but when does diversity just become friction? How can you strife-proof an existing team? And how can we improve processes like making decisions and setting goals? Humans are complex, but with the right data, we can vastly improve our understanding of a team’s interrelationships – and the quality of the team itself.

So, in 2017, we launched CoachBot, the world's first digital team coach, putting practical, powerful strategies and exercises for optimising teams – quite literally – in the hands of the team members themselves. Whereas Base is aimed primarily at people responsible for putting teams together, CoachBot provides useful, friendly and effective learning directly to individuals, giving them the tools to strengthen their team from the inside.

Drawing on thousands of hours of research, working with many dozens of team coaches, psychologists and academics, and partnering with more than 100 managers and teams, we distilled this knowledge into a completely new functional toolkit for teams, prototyping and testing along the way – and it’s already revolutionising the way businesses approach team coaching.

That's kept us pretty busy. Our team has grown from two people to 12, and we currently work with businesses including Unilever, Sony, NHS, Deloitte, Virgin and Lloyds Bank. Big things are on the horizon – which is why we're checking our bearings, shoring up our brand and charting our course ahead.

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